Dinosaurs Hunting

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Dinosaurs Hunting is the new game. You are a soldier in a hostile world where dinosaurs returned to conquer the world you. Fight against the hordes of dinosaurs.

You can hunting a rex and more dinosaurs.

Fight with more soldiers in Dinosaurs Hunting. The dinosaurs are real!.

You can hunt them in 3 places totally different:

In the huge Jungle, you needs hide to survive. In the Town, you can use the buildings to prepare ambushes and the Ice prepare for extreme conditions.

You'll get awesome weapons availables in Dinosaurs Hunting:

Primary: pistol, shotgun, mp5, ak47, mp4, sniper. Secondary: knife, bow, katana, grenade and shield. All weapons are fully customizable. Upgrade weapons by winning gold in the missions. With the Katana you can be a ninja or yakuza and fight against the bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

You have at your disposal 30 incredible levels with more adventure and action.

Your mission is hunt the predators in levels or they will hunt you down.

The dinos have advanced AI using strategies to attack you.

Dinosaurs availables are:

Tyrannosaurus T-Rex, Velociraptor Raptor, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

The controls are smooth and optimized for mobiles.

In this fabolous simulator you can run, jump, crouch and spin in seconds.

Is a modern shooter with regenerate health, no more first aid kits! HD graphics for more inmersion in the game, the dinosaurs look real. Weather system for a amazing immersive gameplay.

Discover the power of the 30 levels of hard difficulty.

Dinosaurs Hunting is a survival game.

Realistics effects and amazing graphics in a real 3D world.

"Dinosaurs Hunting" is a first person shooter.

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